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Social Media & Content Marketing

Business today rely very heavily in generating "eyaballs" and viewer attention. It is a known fact that all businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure that they are noticed digitally. Symmetrix helps you to make sure that your digital and online requirements are fulfilled. We sit with you and chalk out a plan to market your site or your product online. Our creative team then converts all ideas to online art and we use analytics and data to make sure that your product reaches the right audience in the most effective manner.


A comprehensive digital marketing campaign for the newly launched brand-covering both digital and non-digital marketing. Has successfully engaged a targeted niche audience.

Tags: SEO, SMM, Print, ATL, BTL, Content Marketing


Created the identity for a new and upcoming lifestyle and corporate blog. The idea was to create a quirky logo which would be synonymous with the company and its offerings in the future.

Tags: Logo, Identity