Logo Design

Custom logo design that leaves the desired impression. We create a distinctive identity and change the way your customers approach your brand. We are driven by creativity and understand that there is a unique story behind every brand how crucial it is for the overall branding process. The team of in-house logo design experts at Symmetrix Systems strive to capture the essence of the brand and ensure the logo captures your brand story whether you are a local or an international customer.


A quirky logo created for a digital media house catering to fashion and lifestyle, headquartered in Kolkata.

Tags: Logo design, Branding, Illustration

Priyanka Khanna

Designed an elegant logo for an upcoming Kolkata based designer Priyanka Khanna and her label.

Tags: Logo design, Branding, Illustration

Nandita Thirani

Unique and feminine, the logo is inspired by the elegant and stylish collection offered by the globally renowned Nandita Thirani label.⠀

Tags: Logo design, Branding, Illustration

Redicle Consulting Pvt Ltd

This contemporary yet subtle look perfectly suits Redicle Consulting Pvt Ltd, a financial services provider.

Tags: Logo design, PSD

Varsha Leathers

The logo we designed for a local leather accessory brand is detailed and distinctive muck like the products they have on offer.

Tags: Logo design, Branding, Illustration