Work Force Tracking

With enterprises getting large and the workforce getting bigger, there is a necessity to make sure that the HR dept gets real-time updates of the whereabouts of the personnel when they are out on fieldwork. This could be when they are making client visits or are traveling out of town to distant locations such as warehouses and factories.

There are mobile applications that are now available in the Google play store and iOS app store. These applications need to be installed in the mobile of the person who needs to be tracked and the admin has the access to a central admin panel from where they can view the current location or past travel history of the resource. In fact, some companies have gone ahead in this game and now offer other add-ons such as uploading of travel documents such as Taxi Bills, Airline tickets etc. Some companies that also have meal allowance for their staff have the option for them to upload bills of meals eaten at restaurants.

    Some of the features of a WorkForce tracking app are:

  • Real-time locations of the staff on google maps
  • View past history of the route taken
  • Set visit list and get alerts when the person reaches and leaves the visit points
  • Set geofence alerts so admin is alerted if a staff enters or exits a particular zone.

While some would debate that some of these features on the app would be invading into the privacy, the companies that develop these apps state that these applications are meant to be used only during work hours and also have a fair security angle to them.

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