Getting started with Magento

There is no doubting the fact that in recent years Magento has gained tremendous popularity in terms of an open source e-commerce platform. There are two versions of Magento, the Community Edition and the Enterprise edition.
The community edition, which is the most popular version is the one that is used by startups and mid-sized e com stores. This is a Free version and can be downloaded and installed. Various themes are available online and one can typically go live with them in less than a couple of weeks. The Enterprise edition is licensed and usually starts from USD 18,000.


Yes, expensive that it may sound but the paid license is far more robust and extensive. It has a lot of features that are not available in the open source edition and is used by high-end businesses.

Some of the popular businesses that use Magento Enterprise edition are:

  • Ford
  • Nike
  • Fox Entertainment
  • Vizio

Another example of using Magento is that it is very scalable and it can host a lot of products on the catalog unlike other shopping platforms such as woocommerce, open cart or Shopify. With the vast array of templates that are available, it has become easier now to get a shopping site online very easily.

Though Magento has gained enormous popularity because of its vast array of functionalities, it has a few drawbacks that sometimes make it difficult to use.

Some of them are:

  • Highly complex coding structure
  • Very limited technical documentation that makes it a tad difficult for new users.
  • Installation requires very high speed and dedicated servers or VPS for a smooth functioning of the sites.


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