Web designing where is it heading

Vidul Prothi

Vidul Prothi

Two decades ago when web designing was fresh in the market and yet to be explored to its full potential, who would have given it a thought, that it was going to head on with many feathers in its cap.

Well, millions of websites, millions of web designers all over the world!!

It is an indisputable fact that web designing is going to become a more important part of curriculum and career as a digital user experience lingers around our everyday life.

Nowadays everything is digital from education to marketing to career etc. from websites to digital marketing platforms. It’s a digital universe now!!

The face of any business organization and everything that has commercial value is its website. This website contains all the information regarding the company. Hence it is an integral part of any business. This helps in promoting the business and its product and services.

Web designers are generally digital creative geniuses. They are found busy accustoming themselves to the new frameworks tools and techniques to build strong websites.

Nowadays, companies have a separate website for android, apple phones, tabs laptops MacBooks and all the IOS products. A separate design for a separate technology. There is a problem for every solution and a solution to every problem.

a justifiable progression and advancements had happened and will continue so in the field of AI. The introduction of AIBO the AI puppy by SONY has changed the whole meaning of AI. Tech giants like Google and Microsoft have opened their arms of AI for people where anyone can Custom design and create own website powered with AI.
An AI is an integral part of Goole for that it enhances the search operations.

Web browser feature has always kept changing and upgrading giving the browsers a browsing experience par excellence every time. Mozilla, Microsoft, and Google all these tech biggies have leveraged the use of virtual reality thus enhancing the browsing experience.VR can be integrated with very simple devices by using web content that is built by using JavaScript. VR is an indispensable part of the gaming industry and gaming sites.

IOT is like connecting various devices and objects like machines digital devices even animals, that are grooved with sensors for unique identification to gather data for research and tracking down development, which is further transferred to the computer for storage without any human intervention.

The 360-degree video as the name suggests gives an overall all-around enhanced user experience. It has a deep impact on web designing and development. It is assured to catch more attention of the users as it gives a rich experience. All the websites are using interactive videos at the background of their websites. So this kind of video development will give a real-life experience while browsing.

Motion UI enables its users to create attractive designs with special animations that will make the website interesting and readable for the user. The more changing and challenging needs of the customers their user experiences-the latest are the mushrooming web development tools and technologies.

Nowadays web development is more about using interactive videos and custom built graphics. Using frameworks like bootstrap, advanced CSS has brought in a lot of technical and digital advancements in web development.

Earlier making website itself was a herculean task. One had to work too hard on the coding level for designing a website. A fair knowledge of web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript was an indelible part of web designing.

But now websites like WordPress, Bootstrap have made web designing more user-friendly.
Coding of larger websites using address URL navigation etc. was a tough job. But now due to the advancement of AI, changes can be done anywhere in the website during building just with a drag and drop with a single click.

AI in web design has changed the whole browsing experience. Now the world of web development is heading towards AI. Many websites will be enstooled and powered with AI which will bring in a whole new meaning and experience to browsing.