The home assistant you never knew you needed

  Wednesday December 5, 2018   /     5:36 am

This could actually make the lazy even “lazier”.

Ever thought about the possibility of just commanding your electricals to switch on and off with your voice commands? How “cool” would that be right? Well, this is not a plug out of a sci-fi movie but a reality and is now available across “smart” homes around the world. This technology has now recently come to India as well and hi tech software vendors are developing mobile apps which can use voice and touch commands to power on/off your AC’s, Lights, Fans, TV’s and much more. In fact, you can also voice instruct your smart home to open and close the main door.

Amazon’s break through product Alexa which hit the markets in 2017 has been hugely popular with shoppers all over the world and this device can be connected, via Bluetooth to your phone, lights, fans and other electrical devices. If connected to the TV, one can not only send voice commands to switch the TV on and off, but also to change channels.

It is said that Amazon had employed a workforce of around 5,000 that are working on this application to take this to the next level. Alexa Data Service or ADS, helps to develop , train and curate the AI aspect of Alexa.

The companion app to run Alexa is available on Amazon App Store, Google Play and Apple App Store.

Apart from the AI and smart home services, Alexa also provides access to news, weather, music via radio and amazon music channels. One can also get real time traffic updates via Alexa.