Social Media trends to watch out for in 2018

Debolina Bakshi

Debolina Bakshi

The advent of the new year brings in a lot of predictions whether in the field of science or technology. While some of these predictions may turn out to be far-fetched, there are some which may be pretty accurate. One such platform which has seen predicted to change year after year is social media marketing. Although there was no shortage of changes or trends set in the social media industry in the last few years, it is sure to evolve and surprise us with its newer features, consumer preferences, and brand opportunities, this year and the years to come.

Here are the latest trends that marketers predict are worth pursuing in 2018.

  • Augmented/Virtual reality will take flight.
    We have seen an increase in sales of virtual reality headsets and successful launch of augmented reality apps last year. 2018 could finally be the year where the technology takes off. If it does, social media will be the go-to platform for marketers to try out this technology and its application. Not only will it offer a new interface for social interactions, the platform will help consumers and marketers connect over vast distances.
  • Live streaming will dominate the way brands engage with customers
    Thanks to the role of social media, live streaming along with video marketing saw an unprecedented growth in the year 2017. Now that both audiences and brands have accepted the format, it has become easier for businesses to edge out their competition by diving into the world of the live stream and video marketing.
  • Customizable chatbots that help you retain customers
    Incoming social messages from customers need an immediate response system. Chatbots help to gather information, offer guidance and provide user-centric reverts to customers. Much like last year, social media trends in 2018 point towards a growth in the use of custom chatbots thereby decreasing unnecessary workload and retaining customers.
  • Instagram Stories to promote your brand
    Instagram Stories was launched to take on Snapchat. But in a short period of time, it has accrued more than a 250 million daily users, overpassing Snapchat.
    For businesses, it is essential to reach where users spend their time. Marketers should expect this trend to continue to rise due to the sheer engagement numbers and the huge potential it offers to marketers.
  • Businesses are investing more in social ads
    More and more businesses are turning to social media advertising to combat falling organic reach and to boost their social media presence. Therefore, social media ad spending has also been on the rise, growing to more than 20 percent annually and is estimated to grow much more in 2018. This growth is a great indication of the effectiveness of social media ads for businesses.

You do not have to follow these trends blindly. Start small and invest in the platforms that are most aligned with your current marketing and social media strategies. Remember, social media is all about connecting one to one with your audience. So, no matter which trends you start following, keep your customers at the core.