Navigating CoVid-19

Debolina Bakshi

Debolina Bakshi

In a drastic attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19 globally, one-third of the population is now experiencing some form of lockdown. As a result, technology has become more indispensable than ever. It is being used to deliver critical medical supplies around the world, allowing people to check in with friends and family while being physically distanced and most importantly helping businesses to stay afloat by having their manpower work from home and thereby aiding the economy to arrest a free fall.

With the government starting to ease the lockdown, adaptability is the need of the hour. Businesses big or small are hoping to move ahead with minimum damage.

If you own a web or digital agency, you are probably wondering how things will change due to COVID-19. Here are a few things you can do to adapt and move forward

Strategize and change

You will have to look at yourselves and your clients and ask these questions:

  • How has the need of the customers changed?
  • How have their budgets changed?
  • What businesses should be targeted?
  • What are the implications in the long run?

You need to take a closer look at your customer base and modify your strategy around their new pain points.


There is no doubt that the way businesses operate will change in the short-term and also in the long-term due to this. Agencies are no exception. As an owner, you may have to face management challenges and will need processes and accountability, such as:

  • Time tracking on clients
  • Daily check-ins with team
  • Weekly accountability

You will have to keep monitoring and see help your business to survive.


For agencies, client communication is going to change. As an agency, you are your clients’ expert guide to navigating these changes and employing strategies that will assist in growing their business. It is paramount to be completely transparent and on the customer’s side during this period. To enable this, you should:

  • Focus on transparency
  • Focus on the relationship
  • Focus on being factual

These three steps should help you mitigate the effects of this pandemic on your business in the immediate future.


COVID-19 almost seems unreal due to the humungous impact it has on the world, but businesses will get through it and come out stronger. As we progress, it is important to adapt, strategize, and communicate and think about your new customer needs, employee needs, and communication strategy.