Mobile app development trends to look out for in 2019

  Wednesday April 3, 2019   /     7:34 am

Mobile app development industry is the fastest growing industry. Speaking frankly, smartphones with various apps have actually revolutionized our lives. Now everything is not just a click away, it’s all just a touch away. Almost every business is having its own app at it is operating on different platforms be it android, ios, or windows. Each app is individualized and designed as per that.

The year 2018 has witnessed well over 27 billion app downloads and still, there is room for growth of about 11% in 2019. Now every smartphone is “app-ified”. From ordering pizzas to making current bills, from booking a cab and ordering food to book a tutor for the children, everything is app based.

Mobile apps have revolutionized our task-based productivity. From meditation to medicines and to do lists to task manager, there are many paid and free apps to suit everyone’s pocket. There are apps which allow us to earn a few bucks by downloading and sharing those apps.

Mobile apps serve as a significant tool to enhance the experience for many businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. From the customer’s point of view, it enriches their shopping or consumer experience (when a product is used or service is requested for). Mobile apps are not only limited to ordering food or booking a cab, but it’s also a place where advertising takes place for the latest product or service. It also acts as a platform for launching a new product, and the latest offers and discounts. The customer feedback also happens at this junction. This gives an opportunity for startups or business houses to improve their services.

According to statistics website, mobile application business is supposed to generate 189 billion dollars (US) revenue approx. by the year 2020. As per the tech gurus, the mobile app development industry is growing at an accelerated rate and it seems to be unstoppable in the coming future. There are hardly any chances of it slowing down anytime soon. This has brought many new opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups.

So, let’s look at the upcoming mobile app development trends that will rule the roost in the year 2019.

Blockchain technology:

It was launched a couple of years ago but created a good amount of drumming in the year 2018. Major financial houses and investors reaped a good deal of benefits, especially the real estate industry. According to a market survey blockchain technology market will soar up to 20 billion dollars by 2024. So this is going to be an apple of a techie’s eye in the coming years.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning:

Past few years a good amount of cacophony has been around for AI and Machine learning industry. For us, unknowingly it became a part of our everyday life. The introduction of “Aibo” the AI puppy from SONY has changed the whole AI concept. Our children’s favorite cartoon “Doraemon” is one such AI product. This too is going to reach 40 billion dollar market by the year 2020. Due to its high accuracy and ability to capture real-time events, AI has been promoted by large by medical and manufacturing fields.

On-demand apps:

There are innumerable on-demand apps in the market with more to come in the coming years. The more the mushrooming of new businesses the more the number of apps added to the market. Apps have made things easy for us. There are many on-demand apps which gained popularity like Uber and Taxify. As of now, the on-demand app’s segment has already reached 106 million dollars by the end of 2017, and the numbers will keep soaring in the coming future.

Integration of wearable apps:

Wearable apps are digital bands which we can wear on our wrist and keep a track of our calories burnt during a workout. Tracking our blood sugar levels and bp has become very easy. These smart bands keep a track of your vitals and also keep a record of your health. That is the reason we see a record increase in the smart watches market. Research is being carried out to add more fancy apps to smart bands and watches. From making calls to track calories there is a lot in store for the wearable apps.

Chatbots :

The need for real-time interaction has given rise to chatbots. This will highly take over other communication aspects in the mobile app industry. Chatbots are a replacement for the abandoned mobile apps. It means if the customers abandon the company’s mobile apps, chatbots will deal with the customer issue. It’s like chatting with another human at the other end.

Internet on things:

Many sectors including education and e-commerce biggies capitalize on the internet of things(IOT). The specialty of interlinking the smart aspects of an organization is the main reason for its popularity.

Augmented reality and virtual reality:

Until we add these two to the list of latest and upcoming app developments our list would be incomplete. Major mobile app companies are making it big investing and cashing on this technology. As per the reports of Statista, this market will be at 209 billion dollars in 2022.

Introduction to instant apps:

There are many user-friendly and memory efficient services that will force you to think of mobile apps naturally. These apps gained popularity steadily and are expected to continue to do so in the coming years. The best feature is that we need not install these separately to enjoy the services. Buzz feed, One Football, and New York Times Crossword are among a few.

Mobile payment services:

The banking sector not lagging behind when it comes to mobile banking and wallet services. E-commerce is literally cashing in on the digitization of payment services. It is now widely used for making online payments and purchases. It is convenient and hassle-free, thus saving us time.

More cloud storage platforms:

Since there is s drastic increase in the number of mobile applications that we use nowadays, there is a suspected dearth for storage space, which proves to be a challenge. Here comes Cloud Storage to the rescue. It is going to be more simplified in order to accumulate more data. This is expected to gain a lot of popularity for its ability to tackle this storage issue. Apart from consumers, cloud-based companies are estimated to earn huge profits in this field.

Enhancement of App Security:

As the number of mobile applications multiplies every day in the market, the app developers are keen on boosting the security feature. There are many cases where the apps have been manipulated by the hackers causing a security threat. This has led to mistrust. Such incidents are enhancing app security to safeguard their reputation too.

Beacon Technology:

Though this technology is not a new child to the tech market, application developers are keen to introduce new features to this. This is expected to be more seamless and reach out to users in access points such as airports.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

Google and the Guarding, is expected to enhance the services of AMP. Basically, this aids to check the performance and loading speed of pages of a website. It is expected that the applications will be ranked in searches after optimization.

Enterprise Mobile Management:

Mobile applications are supposed to be at its best performance. This is the reason the Existence of Enterprise mobile management app (EMM) is introduced in the market. Although it has been there the past few years, in 2019, this will also foster app security and management of finances among entrepreneurs.

Application Performance Management(APM):

The performance of each mobile app is different. So the search engines like Google is emphasizing on enhancing the quality of these platforms.


The picture is quite clear, there is a lot that is happening in the mobile app development space. We see an expected rise in the number of wearable and on-demand apps. AI is already doing great in the market. So the year 2019 is expected to set new benchmarks in the field of app development globally.

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