IOT and the ‘smart’ revolution

Debolina Bakshi

Debolina Bakshi

In IOT usually, 2 or more devices are bound by a network over the internet that exchanges data. There can be multiple devices as well, the devices are connected to the internet by a sim card or wireless that enables them/exchange date over a data pack. Usually, there is no person to person or person to machine interaction. In short, the IOT is a large network of people and devices that share data over the internet and this data is collected to deduce more precise findings.

In recent time IOT has had a considerable influence over not only the way we shop but also the way we travel to the way we monitor our health. It also helps companies manage their stocks and inventory too. These are just a few ways in which IOT has become a considerable part of our daily lives.

    IOT, in recent years, has become very popular in certain areas, some of them are :

  • GPS tracking: Usually for cars and fleet management. A GPS tracking device with a sim is plugged into a vehicle and by means of data sent through the SIM, the admin/owner can easily track the whereabouts of the vehicle. More important parameters such as fuel consumption, distance travelled etc are also monitored by the admin.
  • Person tracking: Quite similar to tracking for cars and fleets, usually a small card is carried in person and this makes the user trackable at any point in time.
  • Street lights: This is now a trend with smart cities and IOT is being used to monitor the length of photoperiod and remotely switch them on and off to save money and energy.
  • Smart homes: IOT is also being used in homes to make them “Smarter”. These homes not only wake you up in time for work in the morning, but they can actually adjust the time of the alarm to go off earlier than the set time if they get information that there has been some incidence that may delay your travel time to work.

In recent times even SME’s have got into the IoT bandwagon and are providing solutions to companies.

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