Internet Marketing, The Social Media Way

Debolina Bakshi

Debolina Bakshi

The means of creation and exchange of ideas among people in the cyberspace are popularly referred to as Social Media.

Internet (online) advertising uses the internet via blogs, emails, search engines, web banners etc. for promotional marketing. Social media being one of them, when combined with online marketing strategies brings outstanding results in the digital marketing arena.

Social media makes extensive use of the viral marketing technique i.e. word-of-mouth referrals as a primary marketing strategy where content writers put up advertising materials on the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. and wait for the marketing message to pass along the six degrees of separation.

Push marketing strategies, like these, are less expensive and have more reach than pull strategies, as they have the capability to tempt consumers into believing that they absolutely “need” something when they actually just “want” it. They are capable of wiping out the thin line between necessity and luxury, besides guaranteeing the authenticity of marketed information through “viral” strategy.

With the rising trend, among the youth, to use social media, such kind of advertising and marketing is fast gaining popularity.