Fashion sells through Electronic media

Vidul Prothi

Vidul Prothi

E-commerce, transactions made through electronic media like computers, mobile phones etc, made its pronounced presence felt in the Indian retail industry at the onset of the new millennium.

With the fashion industry capturing a major portion of India’s average GDP growth rate and e-commerce being the thriving result of technological evolution, the amalgamation of the two has brought about a boom in the Indian economic scenario.

In today’s world, characterized by severe time-constraints, these Indian websites like Myntra, Jabong, Fashionara etc., have done a fantastic task of managing real-time transactions through the provision of huge discounts, instantaneous approval and shipping of orders placed and delivery of quality products in due time (sometimes free of cost). Some even offer try-and-buy schemes, besides the 30-day-return policy, so that customers are never left grunting for their wrong choices.

While such transactions help save a consumer’s time and dime, the entrepreneurs of such ventures also reap massive rewards in the form of booming sales and here they don’t even have to incur additional expenses and time on renting spaces in favourable locations and taking care of the décor and display of merchandise. Instead, their business floats in the cyberspace, with the help of a team of expert digital marketers at a much lower cost.

With the demand for such ventures going up every day, we can only wait and watch what more e-commerce websites may have to offer in the future, while they try to fix the existing glitches.