Make way for the Effective Content Marketer

  Thursday March 22, 2018   /     12:16 pm

A content marketer is responsible for creating content targeting the right audience at the right time. Relevant content can help make the right kind of noises translating into successful and favorable customer action. It differs from regular marketing primarily in terms of the reaction it elicits from the customers.

Providing information that is at the same time relevant and valuable, content marketing, is always met with a favorable response from prospective customers. The last few years witnessed a complete whitewash of all other forms of marketing. We have seen the rise of the social media and the effect it has not only on large brands but also on small businesses. With more and more companies joining the bandwagon it has become more important for marketers not only to reach its audience but also sustain its presence.

Not only that, the importance of content is not limited to just online marketing but offline marketing as well. It is for this very reason pundits believe that content marketing will rule over all forms of marketing in the days to come.

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The year that was

The last few years witnessed a sharp increase in the number of strategies used to attract and retain audiences. There was also a definite swing towards video driven content that found pride of place in almost all social networking sites. Most importantly, it saw an increase in the budget allocated by businesses to the medium of content-visual or written. This goes on to show that the year 2017 was a watershed year for content marketing and content marketers. With content marketers adopting newer and better techniques to lure in customers, the year ahead looks pretty promising too.

The year that will be

  • Market watchers predict that the year 2018 will see unprecedented development in the content marketing front with some analysts even going so far as to predict that in 2018, large organizations will devote entire departments to content development and marketing.
  • Furthermore, since content marketing is aimed at attracting the attention of information-hungry consumers and for providing instant gratification, the coming year will place more importance on ROI from content marketers than ever before.

Content marketing was always about what the audience wanted but now it is about what the search engines are looking for. Give your content a touch of quality, a dash of personality and most importantly the ability to engage and retain your customers. Get in touch with us.