Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Web Agency

Vidul Prothi

Vidul Prothi

Does your business have a website?

Is your existing website giving you the desired returns?

Can your customers find you online when they need you the most?

These are some important questions, you as a business owner should be able to answer when you are trying to set up your business presence online.


Don’t be.

We are here to help you get rid of your confusion.

The first thing you must do is take the help of a reliable and professional agency with a good track record. Many marketing sites may tell you otherwise, but it is essential that you opt for the necessary guidance when required. You can always learn and upgrade during the process.

Whether you want to build a completely new website or mobile application, or upgrade your existing one, finding the ideal company can help do wonders for your business. The right company can help shape your ideas and make your business stand out from your competitors both in the short and long run.

Hence it is extremely important that you select a company that best suits your requirements. You should:

  • Carry out a thorough research with the help of search engines like Google, Bing.
    Pro Tip: Check out the company’s portfolio page for an insight into the projects. If you are still not convinced, please feel free to contact them with your queries. Most agencies will be happy to answer them.
  • Ideally, ask around, find a reputable company within your locality or your city which will help you work with the team when the work is in progress.
  • Consider taking feedback from existing and previous clients and customers on all essential aspects. Social media pages are a great platform to see recent work done.
  • Review the company’s pool of work and the industries they cater to. Another important factor to consider is the number of years the company has been in business.
  • Most importantly, consider your budget and also the turn around time when hiring a website design company.
    Pro Tip: Web and social media agencies have different price packages tailor-made for your project needs. It is always better to communicate the scope of work clearly.
  • Once you shortlist the companies, study the deliverables offered. Opt for an agency which:

  • Gives you a proposal drafting down all the points to be covered in the project including terms, time period, support work etc.
  • Provide you mocks/wireframes based on your ideas and business needs.
  • Keeps you in the loop and gives you all the necessary updates as your work progresses.
  • The last thing you must consider when looking for a good agency is to check the maintenance and support terms on offer once the project is handed over.
  • There are a lot of firms which may promise to fulfill your project needs but end up being a waste of your time and resources. Therefore, the key to determine the right company for your business needs is to conduct a proper search, ask around, shortlist, analyze and if needed repeat the process.