Artificial Intelligence : How is it being used in Web Development

Vidul Prothi

Vidul Prothi

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to have garnered a lot of importance in recent times. Even in Hollywood, a lot of movies have been made with the AI theme. Some such recent hits have been Minorty Report, A.I, Artificial Intelligence. While these movies fall under the “Science Fiction” category, there is no denying that AI is now an integral part of the computing world.

Now let us see how AI is bring used in the Website development world.

AI has the capability to make web programming easier and more effective. AI can help us to automate a lot of tasks such as adding records in databases, predicting codes that are useful for areas of trouble shooting solving problems. Better performing apps can be developed with the help of AI since it helps developers and coders to find the best possible flows for user interaction.

AI can be used for layout design for websites and apps. Adobe Sensei is a great tool that helps designers in this. It predicts and acts like a Virtual Assistant and helps designers to create content that is personalized in terms of brand and layouts.

The use of chatbots is also one area where AI has incredibly helped the web designing industry and web designers. These chat bots are used to reduce dependency on resources. These bots collate past information and data and suggest /put forward the best options to the user based on historic data. Based on answers and comments from the customer, these bots suggest users with products and services to purchase. All this work would otherwise would have been done by a human thus increasing overhead costs. Chat bots are mostly used in shopping and banking sites.

SEO ( search engine optimization) is another area with AI is being used. Since keywords are used to search for a product or service, AI uses predictive algorithms to help developers design the site and apps based on suggestions for these algorithms.

The most recent use if AI is the voice operated search facility and Alexa is the prime example of that . Voice commands from customers are used to search through millions of data and a lot of big brands have adopted this to allow users an easier search interface. Amazon, Spotify and Gaana are great examples of how voice based AI is being used in these times.

So, to sum it up, it can be safe to say that AI has come a long way since its inception over the last few years and will have a valuable role to play in the areas of web designing and development. Since technology depends a lot on data and a data driven approach, AI will play an integral part.