12 e-commerce website design inspirations

Debolina Bakshi

Debolina Bakshi

Human beings tend to love things that are aesthetically pleasing.

The same logic applies when designing a website. Whether you are looking to build an informational or a shopping site, if you fail to offer your visitors a visually attractive site, you may lose them forever.

The first impression can very well turn out to be your last impression.

Hence your design plays a key role while building your site. The perceived value people have of your products and services from viewing your website, make your business seem more trustworthy.

Here are 12 great e-commerce website designs that caught our eye.
These sites can give you ample design inspiration for your online store.

1) Drybar

What we like: The unique color scheme, typography and the use of animations.

2) Inter Door

What we like: Fresh look and design patterns with grids of different sizes.

3) Abel

What we like: Creative landing page, products showcased uniquely.

4) Buffy

What we like: Fun demonstration of animation, images and videos.

5) Tea Forte

What we like: Simple consistent design with the use of clear fonts and images.

6) Bellroy

What we like: Interactive guide, fun intro video, distinctive display of products.

7) Woss Themes

What we like: Product showcased in grids of various sizes.

8) Gianni Chiarini

What we like: Great use of images makes the products feel luxurious

9) Deilani Store

What we like: Consistent use of HQ images throughout.

10) Kvell

What we like: Standout design, with colorful display of the product range.

11) Olivia Des Cressonnieres

What we like: Distictive showcase of the entire product range.

12) Dstld

What we like: Monochrome design with colorful hover effect.

Sometimes, in our quest to be creative innovators we can be afraid of seeking inspiration. It is okay to be inspired but never to copy!
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